Flyer HTC 7 Tablet PC

Earlier this year, HTC (the makers of the immensely popular ‘Android’ operating system) announced their plans to enter the Tablet PC market with the htc flyer tablet, a wonderful little doohickey launched in direct competition with the HP Tablet, iPad and Blackberry Playbook.

The htc flyer tablet is especially exciting because it’s from the makers of ‘Android’ and the ‘Desire’ smart phone range, two products that are proving to be the runaway success stories of the new decade.

As with most tablet PCs, the operating system isn’t going to sell the casual buyer on the merits of the htc flyer tablet. It’s the extras that grab our attention, and the htc flyer tablet has them. In spades.

Finally a tablet PC that can challenge the iPad!

With an optional stylus pen that enables the HTC Scribe software, you’re guaranteed a more precise experience with your htc flyer tablet than any other tablet PC. You can therefore annotate all on-screen content however you wish. The htc flyer tablet also has special microphones for noise-reduction, 16GB memory (plus a memory card slot) and is fully compatible with the latest WiFi/Bluetooth wizardry. The htc flyer tablet also makes use of a generous 7-inch display with which you can view your emails, Facebook, e-books and even a 3D weather update (no, we’re not kidding).

Jam-packed with extra features, a state-of-the-art operating system and many brand new wonders to boot, it seems that HTC could well emerge as the high fliers this year.

Tell us about your experience with the HTC Flyer 7 tablet PC